The Agape House

A three months intensive holistic treatment program in an up-market surroundings. Individual attention is guaranteed as there are maximum 12 patients, with 5 qualified counsellorsand a resident Nursing Sister. Treatment program focuses on Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) training, coupled with social skills and life coaching. A combination that greatly enhance the opportunities for recovery and preparation for the future.

A holistic three months treatment program that caters to the complete person; Body, Soul and Spirit. Individual attention and tailor made programs for each patient are put in place, with qualified counsellors on a 24 hr duty. The peaceful surrounding of the Natal Midlands in South Africa enables the patient to de-stress from the pressures of urban environment. The 12 Step program is an integral part of the offered therapy. The opportunity to work in conjunction with a qualified Life Coach is provided, and experience shown it to be a very beneficial part of the holistic approach. The luxury accommodation, with very peaceful interior adds quality and serenity to the theraputic atmosphere.




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