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Some of the Treatment Facilities we list…

•  Addiction Centres

•  Behavioral Health Centres

•  Centers with Specialties (e.g. ADHD, OCD)

•  Eating Disorder Centres

•  Healing Centres

•  Integrative Health Centres

•  Half way Houses and Sober Living

•  Residential Centres

•  Family Clinics

•  Mental Health Agencies

•  Multi-professional Counseling Centres

•  Multi-professional Psychological Groups

•  Outpatient Rehab Programs

•  Psychiatric Clinics

•  Testing Services

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Above It All Treatment Center

Our primary goal at Above It All Treatment is to provide our clients with the tools and structures they need to embrace lifelong recovery, and to maintain sobriety long after they leave our treatment center. We combine proven therapies with cutting-edge techniques,... read more

Taylor County Recovery Center

TCRC is a non-profit 501c3 agency that provides Outpatient Substance Abuse, Batterers Intervention, Anger Management, Parenting and Substance Abuse Education & Prevention to Adult and Juvenile population. Accepts United Health Care and sliding scale fee payments.... read more

Behavioral Crossroads Recovery

The mission of Behavioral Crossroads Recovery is to assist individuals who have significant substance abuse related disorders to develop the skills and supports necessary to live, learn, or work in the community of their choice with the least amount of intervention... read more

Dallas CBT in Texas

Dallas CBT is an outpatient therapy clinic that specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), an evidence-based and effective approach to treating anxiety, depression, and behavioral disorders. CBT involves identifying and changing thought and behavior patterns... read more

The Agape House

A three months intensive holistic treatment program in an up-market surroundings. Individual attention is guaranteed as there are maximum 12 patients, with 5 qualified counsellorsand a resident Nursing Sister. Treatment program focuses on Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.)... read more

A Turning Point Counseling and Rehab Center

Looking for guidance when life situations are overwhelming is a sign of health and maturity. I believe in emphasizing and building on strengths and connecting with abilities with which you may have lost connection. We specialize in personal, private substance... read more

Tranquil & Quest – New Jersey

AFFORDABLE OCEANFRONT SOBER LIVING. Recovering from addiction can be an extremely strenuous process on one’s body and mind. Tranquil and Quest understands the needs and challenges of those dealing with substance abuse issues, and strives to provide a comfortable and... read more

Access Counseling Group, Inc

Intensive Out Patient services, with Day Program, treating both adolescents and adults in small group settings, individual and family therapy settings Access Counseling Group has been a recognized leader in Intensive Outpatient therapy, individual and family therapy... read more

BRIGHTSIDE Clinic – Illinois, USA

At BRIGHTSIDE®, we treat people with both pain medication dependence and heroin addiction through comfortable, convenient, and discrete treatment programs. Whether you are dependent on pain killers, such as Vicodin, OxyContin, Demerol, and Lomotil, or addicted to... read more

Rustenburg Addiction Care

Rustenburg Addiction Care in the Helderberg A world class Addiction Treatment Facility Located on Winery Rd on the magnificent Rustenburg Estate A full complement of addiction treatment professionals, including a psychiatrist, six fulltime Psychologists and an... read more

Mango Bay Retreat in Florida

Mango Bay Retreat offers luxury inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation treatment centers in the beautiful Palm Beaches of Florida’s Southern Coast. We are committed to discretion, privacy and security in a world class setting. The service population includes... read more

Home Detox South Africa

We are the leading provider of home based treatment across Africa and offer a safe, effective and affordable service for all substance addictions. We are also able to offer swift rehab placements in our network of rehab clinics in South Africa. Our home detox service... read more

CMR Recovery Residence – Rehab New York

CMR Recovery Residence in Northport, New York, is an alcohol and substance abuse recovery program that was founded by the early members of the original 12-step program under the guidance of Bill W. At CMR, you can recover from alcohol and substance abuse in a... read more


You might not be aware of this, but alcohol rehabs have changed many lives throughout the years.  In fact, they’ve not only changed lives, they have saved lives.  If you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol and you’re considering attending an alcohol rehab... read more

Canadian Addiction Rehab

Canadian Addiction Rehab is a great drug & alcohol rehab in Toronto. This establishment is dedicated to offering every client the best possible care and individualized treatment plans.  They make a promise to each individual that they will help you recover and... read more

TODAY, 81 years ago, AA was founded. Happy Birthday!

 On June 10, 1935, Bill Wilson and his friend Dr. Robert Smith set out to find the best way to reform alcoholics, and Alcoholics Anonymous was born.   Break out the cake and party hats ladies and gentlemen, because we have one hell of a birthday to celebrate... read more

Why Do We Binge Drink?

Binge drinking is on the increase, understanding why a person drinks to excess might help to control their drinking behavior.   Binge drinking, is a form of alcohol abuse where an individual drinks more alcohol than the 5/4 limit in a matter of two hours (or... read more

The Formula for Relapse

There’s no argument that alcohol and drugs are effective pain killers. The problem, of course, is that when you stop using them, the pain comes back.   But knowing that the habitual use of either drugs or alcohol will eventually destroy your relationships, your... read more

8 Things Alcohol Promises But Sobriety Delivers

Alcohol makes a lot of empty promises. If it didn’t, I don’t think I would have been so attached to it for so long.   One of the first quotes I heard in early sobriety was, “Sobriety delivers everything alcohol promised.” At first it seemed confusing to me, but... read more

5 Myths about Addiction that Undermine Recovery

These myths about the addicted stigmatize them and can sabotage interventions.   Honest, courageous and insightful aren’t words typically used to describe drug addicts. But if given the chance, many addicts end up developing these qualities and contributing to... read more

Street dagga may be more harmful than before

Smoking high-potency marijuana might damage nerve fibers that connect the brain’s two hemispheres, a new study reports.   MRI scans of nearly 100 people including some diagnosed with psychosis associated frequent use of high-potency... read more

California Recovery Rehab

California Recovery situated in Costa Mesa, Southern California offers various Alcohol & Drug rehab programs for Men & Women to recover them from the bad habits and can able to live a Sober life. Staff members are well educated of the program. California... read more

Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Hope Rehab Center Thailand is an FDAP Affiliated and APCB certified highly respected international Drug and Alcohol treatment clinic located close to secluded island beaches in Thailand. Hope Offers intensive 30 day & Long-Term programs. Hope Rehab Center Thailand... read more

50+ now largest group battling narcotic addiction

People aged 50 to 59 accounted for about 8 percent of narcotic painkiller and heroin treatment patients in 1996, but they represented nearly 36 percent in 2012.   Older adults are now the largest age group seeking help via narcotic painkiller and heroin treatment... read more

Akeso George Adolescents

Akeso Clinics are South Africa’s foremost psychiatric treatment clinics, providing individual, integrated and family-oriented treatment for a range of psychiatric, psychological and addictive conditions. All our clinics are staffed by a wide range of medical... read more

Sober Jobs

“Taking a job that isn’t in the field you were in or want to be in may have another practical benefit by allowing you to postpone major career decisions until you have more sober time—and thus more clarity.”   You may have once ruled your exciting,... read more